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Welcome to the application form for the PhD by Design event on Monday the 25th June 2018. This event is part of the Design Research Society conference which runs from the 25th-28th June 2018. You must register for the DRS conference to attend the PhD By Design event as the two are linked.

The application deadline for the PhD By Design event is the 15th February 2018. This is a separate registration system than for the DRS conference.

We will give notice of acceptance to PhD By Design by 20th March 2018. If you accepted to attend the PhD By Design event, you must provide confirmation of payment of the DRS conference fee within four weeks.

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If you are part time please calculate time for full time duration i.e. 2 years part time = 1 year full time
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This will be used for the messy introduction activity at the beginning of the event and will also be published in the instant journal. Please ensure you send this as a JPEG file sized 2-4MB.
If you would like to run a 90 minute workshop for up to 20 people then please send us a proposal of what this would be about. We will get in touch with you to discuss this further.
Please let us know if you have any mobility requirements.
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