PhD by Design is a series of events that explore the messiness of practice-based research.

The aim of these events is to vocalise, discuss and work through many of the topical issues of conducting a practice-based PhD in Design. They enable early career design researchers to explore a variety of aspects of knowledge production within an academic institution.

A secondary aim of the events is to share questions that emerge through doing practice-based research. Some of the questions we aim to tackle are:

  • What counts as practice-based research?
  • What are the politics of designing and conducting practice-based research?
  • Where are the boundaries of theory & practice?
  • How can we make practice-based research accountable?

PhD By Design event timeline:

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PhD By Design @ DRS 2016 

Find out about the next PhD By Design event in June 2016 as part of the Design Research Society conference. 

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Instant journal

Check out 'Researching Across Difference' the Instant Journal created at the latest PhD By Design event in November 2015.

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